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Patient Info

as we all are celebrating world Spine Day on 16th October every year , we aim to update the patient queries and give details about the all spinal diseases and disorder their pathology, mechanism and causes and available treatment 

For any specific information you can communicate with us for further details on any particular disease, disorder or treatment modality,


Lumbar Canal Stenosis

Acute Prolapsed Disc

MEchanical Back Pain


Areas of Expertise

Low back Pain treatment

Neck Pain treatment

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


Spinal rehabilitation

Cervical Spondylosis

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Spinal Infections

Spinal Cord Injury


Tubular Spine Surgery

Spinal Tuberculosis


Flexion Extension Spine Xrays for Instability

Physiotherapist evaluation

CT scan Spine

MRI Lumbar Spine and Whole Spine Screening

DEXA scan

Digital Spine Evaluation

ElectromyographyNerve conduction Study EMG/NCV

Areas of Expertise
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